Leading companies focus on selling assets in the same thorough way as they concentrate on mergers and acquisitions. Selling assets helps companies focus on higher growth opportunities and create shareholder value as well as raise cash and deleverage balance sheet.

Exedra Corporate Finance excels in providing advice to companies on reviewing the strategic core of a business, identifying the value of each business unit on a stand-alone basis and defining strategies for capital re-allocation. 

Divestments often have a deep impact not only on the future of the business unit being divested, but also on the entire divesting company, so a thorough divestment analysis is a must.


We help our clients to clearly evaluate the rationale behind the divestment: be it a need for funds or a need to focus on the primary business, a lack of a strategic fit or availability of alternative attractive investment opportunities, social and political reasons or issues raised by competition authorities – Exedra Corporate Finance analyses them all and helps clients make important decisions that ultimately lead to an increased shareholder value.